Why Dr. Yates Prefers Transaxillary Breast Augmentation

Breast AugmentationWhen a woman is considering breast augmentation there are many decisions beyond simply having the procedure. Beyond opting to have augmentation, the patient will make a number of choices: implant type, incision location, and implant size shape.

These decisions can seem daunting, but Dr. Yates provides all the information necessary to help his patients be comfortable with their decisions.

Incision location

One of the main decisions is choosing where to have the incisions to place your implants. Generally, there are three choices.

The incisions can be made around the areolae, the dark skin around the nipples. Beyond the circle around the areolae, these incisions will also often have a single line running down to the crease at the bottom of the breast. This is true with silicone implants.

Another incision location is the crease at the bottom of the breasts. The incisions are made here and the implants inserted, usually on top of the pectoral muscle.

Both of the above incision locations, as they are on the outside of the breasts, leave scarring.

The third option is to place the implants through incisions made in the armpits. This is called the transaxillary method. Small incisions are made vertically in both armpits and the implants are inserted, usually beneath the pectoral muscle of the chest.

This method is preferred by Dr. Yates for a number of reasons. First, it involves significantly less post-operative pain. Second, it makes a much shorter recovery because the incisions are simple. Third, there is no visible scarring on the breasts. Dr. Yates also prefers this method because he wants his patients to look and feel as though they were born with their enhanced breasts, not reminded of their enhancement by visible scarring.

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