Who Wants a Flat Bottom?

Brazilian Butt LiftAlthough men don’t pay much attention to the flatness of their backsides, the same isn’t true for women. And as celebrities such as Kim Kardashian keep showing their round backsides in the public forum, more and more women want to have a rounder derriere. At Diamond Medical Spa & Vein, we’ve had great success with the Brazilian Butt Lift.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift and how is it different that butt augmentation?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a form of butt augmentation, but it differs dramatically from augmentation with implants. In a Brazilian Butt Lift, a patient’s own fat is used for the augmentation. In implant augmentation, implants are surgically placed. In implant augmentation, the results are permanent, but sometimes implants can move and require revision surgery. Most people think that Brazilian augmentation delivers more natural looking results.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift performed?

A Brazilian lift begins with liposuction, which obviously is a secondary benefit of the procedure. Fat is harvested from an unwanted area through liposuction. Small incisions are made. Local anesthesia is infused first, and then a thin cannula is inserted and moved back and forth to loosen the fat pockets in the area. The cannula then suctions out the fat. Up to three times the amount of fat that will be re-injected may be harvested.

Next, the fat, tissue, and blood that were suctioned out are processed to separate the fat. The fat is then re-injected through small injections all over your buttocks.

How long do results take?

Results are immediately visible, but they keep improving with time because it takes some time for the fat to “take.” It can take a full year before a patient’s full results are visible. Over time, some of the initial volume from your fat grafting procedure will diminish. On average, patients retain 60 to 80% of the transferred fat, with the body absorbing the rest.

Interested in a shapelier backside? Call Dr. Yates at (563) 275-4701 and let’s discuss a Brazilian Butt Lift.

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