Weight Management: Why You Should Care

Weight ManagementAlthough most people in this appearance-obsessed world only care about keeping their weight down to keep appearances up, weight is a lot more than just how fat or skinny you look. There are many different types of healthy body types, and what might be a healthy weight for someone could be very unhealthy for another person. Remember: weight is just a number on a scale, but a healthy or unhealthy weight is an indicator of your overall bodily health.

More Than Enough

If you are overweight, you are putting yourself at risk for other diseases and health problems such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Even heart disease and some cancers are liked to being overweight, and those can get deadly. Even if you feel at home and beautiful in your large body, if a doctor tells you that your weight is getting to be dangerous to your health, you should listen to him to avoid the above-mentioned health problems, along with others like diabetes and arthritis.

Again, just because you are big, doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy. It is much more important to listen to what your body and your doctor are telling you instead of just looking at the scale or in the mirror. Even if some people say that you are overweight, if you feel healthy and your doctor says that you are, you should work to maintain the weight you are at.

How to Manage Your Weight

Whether you want to maintain your current weight, lose weight, or put on weight (being underweight also causes serious health risks), weight management is key. There are many, many important parts of weight management, but the most important are watching what you eat and getting up and moving.

Keep a Food Journal

Watching what you eat and counting calories is crucial in making sure you eat a balanced and healthy diet and keeping you healthy. Talk with a specialist to find out how much you should be eating each day and when. Look at your current diet, and substitute nutritious choices for your unhealthy ones.


Exercise is very important. You need to be giving your heart and your muscles a good work out for at least 30 minutes 3-5 times a week. Talk to your doctor or a personal trainer to help find the best exercises for you, and then get moving!

If you’re working to live a healthy life, you will eventually be able to reach and maintain a healthy weight—no matter what number the scale reads.

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