Varicose Veins – Be Gone

Davenport’s Answer To Getting Rid Of Varicose Veins

Carol Was Tired Of Hers

Carol – Yes,my veins were bulging and didn’t look good. And, they hurt.

Q: How long was this taking place?

Carol – Five or six years. It was quite a while.

Q: Then, you did something about it.

Carol – That’s right – I had heard about Dr. Yates’ work – that he specializes in this kind of thing.

Q: What exactly was done for you?

Carol – They did an ultrasound – then I went back and got them done. I’m very happy with the results. The whole experience was terrific. And, it was only one procedure.

Q: Varicose veins are a real problem for a lot of folks. What advice can you give anybody reading this?

Carol – Do it as soon as you think about it. I didn’t have to wait this long, but I did. Dr. Yates was terrific, and, so was his staff. I actually look forward to visit Diamond Medical.
Varicose Veins – are a common concern for many adults over 50 years. Take care of yours today – special pricing – just ask Angela!

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