Turn Up the Radio to Tighten that Loose Skin Under Your Neck

skin tighteningOnce you get to a certain age, everyone has some loose skin under his or her chin. It’s just a fact of life as our skin loses collagen and our profiles sag. At Diamond Medical Spa & Vein, Dr. Yates uses ThermiRF to tighten that skin back up.

What is ThermiRF?

ThermiRF is FDA approved and delivers fat melting and skin tightening in targeted areas for improved contour. The premise of ThermiRF is to melt the fat beneath the skin on problem areas, allowing the body to absorb that fat, and then also triggering a tightening response. This occurs as collagen is remodeled under the skin.

How it works

Radiofrequency energy is the secret to ThermiRF. When you come in for your treatment session, we first apply local anesthesia in the target areas. Then, Dr. Yates inserts a thin probe beneath the skin. The probe emits radiofrequency waves that create slightly higher temperatures under the skin. This melts fat cells and the body then naturally absorbs and disposes of them. The radiofrequency energy also initiates an injury response in the body. It triggers a healing response that reorganizes and tightens collagen matrices. The body also produces new collagen over time.

Treatment areas

ThermiRF can work in areas that have proven difficult to address in the past with other methods. These include the region below the chin and throughout the neck, fat folds near the armpits, fatty arms, certain areas of the abdomen, and the upper knees. Before ThermiRF, these areas have usually only been improved through surgery, along with its required recovery time and expense.


The ThermiRF procedure is easy. You’re awake, and only local anesthesia is used. There will be some swelling in the treatment areas, but this usually passes in one to two weeks. Results continue to improve over the course of up to one year.

Let’s tighten up that skin with ThermiRF. Call us at 563-275-4701 to schedule a consultation.

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