Trim That Silhouette with a Silhouette Lift

Silhouette LiftEveryone as they age, unless they’ve never gone out in the sun and have only eaten a few bites of tofu daily, has sagging skin, whether in the brows, midface, or neck. In the past, the only way to really aggressively address these areas was with full cosmetic surgery — brow lifts and facelifts.

But now, Dr. Yates has added the Silhouette Lift™ to help deal with these areas of sagging skin. The Silhouette Lift™ is a patented anchoring thread technology that allows Dr. Yates to perform a minimally invasive procedure to elevate and affix the skin. Developed by a board certified plastic surgeon, Silhouette Lift™ is an FDA-approved product that uses patented dimensional cones that attach to the subdermal tissue, lifting, suspending, and fixating contour in areas where the skin sags.

Silhouette Lift results

Results are immediate, and patients can achieve from 30 to 70% of what a traditional invasive facelift could achieve. Results last from six to 10 years and can then be repeated. The Silhouette Lift™ is made even more effective when combined with other treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, laser therapy, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion.

Areas the Silhouette Lift™ can address

  • Lift sagging eyebrows
  • Adjust asymmetric eyebrows
  • Reposition sagging cheeks
  • Lift drooping soft tissue of the mid and lower face and neck
  • Smooth out premature skin aging
  • Lift sagging neck skin

The procedure

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is meant to elevate, reposition, and lift lax skin on the brow, face, and neck. The Silhouette Lift™ involves having Dr. Yates insert fine threads painlessly under the skin. These threads are very similar to those used in full surgical facelifts to support the deep structures of the face.

In a Silhouette Lift™ the threads are passed into the droopy facial element with a special guide needle. The threads grab onto the droopy soft tissue and muscle of the desired area, tightening it.

Patients can experience minimal bruising or swelling for the first few days after the procedure, but this is relatively rare. Also, a Silhouette Lift™ is not painful and most patients return to their normal activities the next day.

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