Treating Painful Varicose Veins – Davenport’s Diamond Medical Is On It!

At The Age Of 42 – Stephanie Had A Painful Varicose Vein In Her Left Leg

Diamond Medical Specializes In Quick Varicose Vein Treatment

Oct13-1.2Q: Stephanie – you had a lump on your leg and finally got it checked out.

Stephanie – I did. It was in the back of my left leg – near the knee, and, it was painful. I went to Dr. Yates and discovered it was a blood clot. He scheduled me for a laser procedure – the ELT. At the same time, he was concerned about my other leg – and so far, it checked out well.

Q: So, you just had the one leg varicose vein? How would describe the problem exactly?

Stephanie – Lots of pain. You could see it was a lump – but wasn’t hot or red. It was painful to walk.

Q: So, you finally got to the bottom of it.

Stephanie – I did. Dr. Yates explained it. The procedure went well with the laser technology. Later, you wear a compression hose – and I can tell you – I’m happy it worked.

Q: So – to sum it up – you had a painful varicose vein that turned out to be a blood clot. You were in pain – and decided to get it treated.

Stephanie – That’s right. And, I learned much more about this problem – thanks to Dr. Yates. He was always available – even on Saturday. The follow-up was amazing as well. They always wanted to make sure I was OK and, if I had any questions.

Q: It goes to say, if you’re experiencing this kind of problem, you can call Dr. Yates. Stephanie, thanks for your time today.

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