Tickle Lipo and Fat Cell Transfer

Liposuction has been around since 1974 when it was invented in France. It took hold in the U.S. in the 80s, but was originally quite an invasive procedure. Patients needed to be under general anesthesia and the bruising and tissue trauma following the procedure was extensive and took months to fully clear.

Since then, techniques have improved, adding saline and lidocaine in tumescent liposuction, and more recently adding laser- and ultrasonic-assisted liposuction.

Tickle Lipo is one of the newer techniques and it could be the most comfortable of all. Plus, there is an advantage to the fat cells removed in the procedure. This is why Tickle Lipo is superior to energy-assisted liposuction, particularly if the patient is interested in fat transfer afterwards.

Fat transfer

LiposuctionFat transfer is becoming very popular for re-volumizing the face, eyelids, hands, breast reconstruction, and the Brazilian butt lift. When Dr. Yates performs a Brazilian butt lift, he first needs to harvest fat to purify and then reinject into the bottom.

The problem is that fat is very fragile and much of it doesn’t survive when transferred. But within the fat are fat-derived stem cells. When these fat-derived stem cells are within the fat being transferred the success of the transfer is much higher. In other words, more of the fat “takes.”

Energy-assisted liposuction kills fat-derived stem cells

Laser and other energy-assisted liposuctions have some additional risks when compared with tumescent or Tickle Lipo. Those risks involve heat and burning of tissue due to the energy involved. But there is one other issue — the energy also destroys fat-derived stem cells, eliminating them from possible fat grafting.

Tickle Lipo

Dr. Yates likes Tickle Lipo for his patients for a few reasons. In the procedure, the cannula vibrates with a specific motion and rotation. This reduces discomfort (alleviating the need for general anesthesia), post-operative swelling and bruising, and procedure time (it takes 25% less time to perform). Plus, Tickle Lipo preserves fat-derived stem cells for fat transfer.

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