This Lift Is Instant – Exilis Is Amazing

Instant Lift/Tightening For Face And Body?

Diamond Medical Gives You Instant Gratification With Elixis

Q: Dr. Yates – Diamond Medical features another cutting edge technology – Elixis. It’s perfect for someone who needs tightening, instantly on face/eye area or traditional “loose” areas of the body around the waist.

Nov13-1.2Dr. Yates – That’s correct. It uses radio frequency technology and yes, it can be used on the abdomen and the arms as well. It stimulates collagen and gets rid of fatty tissue.

Q: This sounds perfect for someone who – is on the go. And perfect for someone who wants a quick lift.

Dr. Yates – And later, collagen grows in and takes the place of the initial lift.

Q: So, what can I have done? Instantly?

Nov13-1.3Dr. Yates – For the face, we can treat over the eyebrows and lids. It will open the eye and retract that skin; it will lift the cheeks and can tighten up the neck as well. There are lots of visual benefits.

Q: And, you can treat the abdomen area as well.

Dr. Yates – That’s correct.

Q: You have a story as to why you have this technology?

Dr. Yates – I tried it on myself first. I didn’t tell my wife, and asked her what “side” I treated. After that – I was convinced this was something women and men could use – because – it doesn’t take any time and you see instant results.

Q: So face, eyes, eyebrows, neck, chin – abdomen area – and any area where there is skin.

Dr. Yates – It’s a great technology and the experience is more of a message feel. So, you get a good experience on the chair.

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