Thermi RF – For Skin Tightening & Smoothing Davenport, IA

Minimally Invasive/Non Surgical ThermiRF Comes to Davenport

No More Sagging Skin on Neck, Face & Body


It’s FDA Approved

With ThermiRF, Dr. Yates can deliver fat melting and skin tightening heat precisely to targeted areas for improved contour and tightened skin. In essence – this technology not only tightens – but can smooth skin.

How Does It Work?

Treatment areas are anesthetized and radiofrequency (RF) is delivered by a probe passed beneath skin to initiate a healing response which reorganizes and tightens collagen matrices.  At slightly higher temperatures, fat cells dissolve and subsequently re-absorb for non-surgical body contouring and smoothing of fat bulges.


ThermiRF treatments are comfortable for most patients, recovery is brief, and return to normal activities usually a matter of days. The technology is indeed, minimally invasive/non surgical and, it happens while you are awake!

Benefits You

Dr. Yates says the ThermiRF treatment can benefit anybody in areas that previously were difficult to treat with other methods. These areas include the region below the chin and throughout the neck; fat folds near the armpit; fatty arms; certain areas of the abdomen and the upper knees. And not only does the Thermi RF treatment remove unwanted fat, the radio frequency heat energy also acts to tighten the outermost skin layer in the treated area. That means – over time – your Thermi RF procedure can look and feel better.

It doesn’t replace a Facelift – but, can vastly improve that sagging skin look and feel.

You Can Count On Diamond Medical

Diamond Medical is all about looking and feeling your best, without the hassle. In Davenport – ThermiRF is another winning technology available only here.


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