The Best Liposuction Experience In Davenport

“Tickle Lipo” Has A Reputation For Being The Easiest On Lipo

Dr. Yates Talks About Getting Liposuction and “Tickle Lipo”
Feels like “Un” Cosmetic Surgery- Because – It Tickles

Sick Of Your Saddlebags?

So, you’re ready to get lipo. But, you really care and are hesitant about the procedure: the experience. Fear not. Dr. Yates has something for you. Read this, see the video, then click back to the website for a very special offer. We know patient’s smile after their procedure – but during it? You will too.

Q: Liposuction is such a popular procedure. Research tells us, more and more – a patient has a better liposuction experience with Tickle Lipo. It’s an amazing technology.

Dr. Yates – That is correct. My experience is – it helps me perform liposuction better and, helps body shaping as well. So much so, your body shape will be better after the procedure. Also, the experience for the patient is amazing. They can actually enjoy it.

Q: Lots of women get liposuction. What age range have you experienced?

Dr. Yates – From 18 years to 74 years – females and males.

Q: Yes, more men are getting love handles removed. Tickle lipo is known to be a good experience for the patient. Tell us more.

Dr. Yates – Unlike other types of liposuction and technology, with Tickle Lipo – my patients are very relaxed. They sit up – watch a movie, talk on the phone or listen to music. And, they are able to go back to work and get on with life, quickly.


Q: Again, this is during a procedure. That’s just amazing. It’s a long way from the old method of doing liposuction, and, much better than using laser lipo technology – which is prone to heating the skin. Minimally invasive. And today – it’s just not about liposuction, it’s about body shaping.

Dr. Yates – This technology allows me to contour very accurately. And, yes, no two patients are the same – so – it’s not just about removing your material, it is about shaping you. You want your patient to look and feel great when they leave. Leaving here with a better shape is what it’s all about.

Q: And, you’ve had patients come in that were told by other plastic surgeons that they need tummy tucks – when in fact, they did not.

Dr. Yates – That is correct. I have only had to do one tummy tuck – even though I’ve had many – that came in and said they wanted one, or were told – they need one. Tickle lipo really makes the procodure very efficient. If we have to tighten the skin further – beyond the Tickle lipo modality – that can be done too .

Q: So, Tickle Lipo is a win-win for everyone. Anybody considering – even the smallest type of liposuction – really needs to give Tickle Lipo a look.

Dr. Yates – I couldn’t recommend a better technology to do liposuction. You really will enjoy the experience and wish you had done it a little sooner.

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