Smoother Skin For The Face – Instant Results

Cindy’s Skin Looks Great Again With Micro Pen

Cindy – I had the Micro Pen – twice so far. I already noticed quite a difference in the texture of my skin. I’m in my late ‘40’s, so I have crows feet and some red. Also, my facial skin wasn’t the smoothest.

Q: What exactly is the Micro Pen?

Cindy – Looks like little pens – and – it repairs your skin – helping new skin grow. It’s helped me.

Q: What was the first treatment like?

Cindy – I noticed a difference right away. I had some patches that I would describe as rough – and some dark spots – that were lighter.

Q: Is your skin smoother?

Cindy – Much smoother

Q: How long were the treatments?

Cindy – A little over an hour. There’s nothing to worry about – you go right back to work

Q: Anything else?

Cindy – If you want to improve your skin – and you’re over 40 (like me) – go ahead and work with Dr. Yates and Micro Pen. It’s the way to go. Next week – I’m taking a friend.

Micro Pen is here at Diamond Medical. Feeling like you could use some smoothing? Do you have patches or coloring that you just don’t want? Contact us today!

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