Smooth as a Baby’s . . . Foot?

Baby FootGenerally when people are talking about a baby’s skin, they are stereotypically or idiomatically talking about a baby’s bottom. However, isn’t most of the skin on a baby just as soft? And why shouldn’t you also want skin like that. This is why we offer the Baby Foot product: so that your feet can be just as smooth and soft as your baby’s tiny toes.

The Rough and Tumble Feet

Most adults have dry and rough feet. They’re cracked, they’re smelly, and they have built up so many layers of dead skin cells (even up to 80 layers!) that it is impossible to get rid of all the skin—no matter what method you use. You might be able to get rid of a lot of them with a pedicure or a razor, but there will still always be a large margin of error, even if you use the strongest pumice stone.

But what’s a person to do? If you’re wearing sandals or like to walk around barefoot, you want to somehow keep your feet tough enough to continue, but you also like the smooth and soft face and skin of a woman who shaves her legs.

Transform Your Toes

This is where Baby Foot foot care product comes in. Made for both men and women, this treatment is simple and effective. It’s more or less an at-home pedicure, except much more effective. All you have to do is wear these little booties for a small period of time each day.

In each booty are 17 natural extracts. Each has a different purpose. One is to dissolve the “adhesive” that holds your dead skin cells together, which allows the skin to start to peel away naturally. Along with this natural exfoliation, it also helps you trap in a lot of natural moisture. This helps to keep your feet constantly beautiful to both sight and touch.

Not only do these booties exfoliate, they also help out in eliminating odors, fungi and infections such as athlete’s foot, and poor blood circulation. If you don’t want to be grossed out by your feet any longer, come get a special kind of pedicure.

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