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Diamond Medical Of Davenport Announces The Ultimate Technology To Smooth Skin, Tighten: Sun Damaged Skin, Rid Of Age Spots, Wrinkles – And This…

Male Patient Noel Had Had It With His Pre-Cancerous Skin Spots – And Got Rid Of Them

Q: – Noel – you had something done with your skin. What was it?

Noel – Basically, it was a skin peel. They removed layers of skin to allow new skin to grow. I was having issues with pre-cancerous spots and had those things removed over a period of years. And,they would continue to come back.

Q: – Then what?

Noel – I found Dr. Yates and he told me about this new technology. I was convinced and began the procedure of removing my pre-cancerous spots.

Q: Did you get a second opinion?

Aug13-1.2Noel – Over the years – yes. I worked with dermatologists and such. They all told me, even though these could be removed, they would come back.

Q: And, have they since being treated at Diamond Medical?

Noel – No – not a sign and this was nine months ago. And, my skin looks younger. It’s been amazing.

Q: What’s your age?

Noel – I’m 65 and originally from Australia – so the sun and sand were in my past.

Q: Would you recommend this for anyone?

Noel – My wife had it done after seeing my results. She has seen similar results – tightening, smoothing of the skin and the color. It’s an amazing technology – that certainly came through for me – not an easy task.

Dr LeRoy Yates Talks About This Technology – SciTon – A Diamond Medical Exclusive In Iowa!

Reprograms Your Skin – Into Younger Cells! The Doctor Explains…

Q: Dr. Yates – you have an exciting new technology that is simply amazing. It’s non-surgical and – has great results.

Dr. Yates – It’s called SciTon. In terms of reliability and its ability to provide a number different types of therapy – nothing touches it for performance.

Q: And, this has to do with such modalities as skin tightening and skin care procedures. This is so important for a woman.

Aug13-1.3Dr. Yates – Women of all ages. SciTon also treats blood vessels on the face, acne – it’s just amazing.

Q: And of course – men too! Can we go through some of these modalities? This is all non-surgical and treated on the spot. Does SciTon deal with loose skin?

Dr. Yates – Yes, and it’s proven to be the only laser to re-program a person’s genes to make new skin. It’s the only available to do so. The so-called, “Forever Young” therapy.

Q: Re-programming your skin. What does that mean?

Dr. Yates – the light wave length stimulates genes inside the skin cells to re-generate newer, better skin – the type of skin we make and collegen we make when we’re about 25 years of age.

Q: So, basically – it’s reprogramming skin to act like its around 25 years of age.

Dr. Yates – That’s correct. It tightens skin, rejuvenates skin and – we can actually do laser blepharoplasty (eyelids) and much more.

Q: We’ll stop the conversation here – because – there’s so much more. If you’re reading this, contact Diamond Medical about what the Sci-Ton technology can do for your face, facial skin and more!

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