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Skin Loosening/Skin Aging

Davenport’s Diamond Medical – Lots Of Clients Have This Concern

As you age, you’re going to get skin loosening. Sun Damage, weight gain, weight loss and also – the skin of the abdomen gets affected in some way with pregnancies. Breast tissue also. We always see laxity of breast tissue with age – along with thinning and consequently, drooping of the breasts. Sagging breasts.

For the face – there are two issues – skin laxity with sagging of the tissues. A lot of times, that’s worsened by volume loss with age.

That loss of volume can be treated in multiple ways. With that – there’s a tightening of the skin and lift. Basically, it’s filling-out the facial tissues. Like a balloon you fill with air – it gets tighter and there’s a lift. We call it a volume lift.

Rejuvenate Skin Naturally

With the face – we can do this with some non-invasive/non-surgical techniques. One way is to use the patient’s own fat. This is where the material comes from say, your love handles or waist – and that material is injected into your face. This is totally natural and gives us volume build. And gives great facial texture because of the stem cells within the fat that help rejuvenate patient skin – naturally. Another benefit – it lasts longer than artificial fillers.

Juvederm and Artificial Face Fillers

There are other ways to give you volume in the face – fillers such as Juvederm.

Then there is sculpture injections – which stimulates your own collagen.

The nice part of that – is –nobody knows it. You haven’t had surgery – and all of a sudden, you begin to get compliments on your face.

For these concerns – Diamond Medical has the answers and technology. You can count on us!

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