She’s Ready For 2015 With Silhouette Lift

Lynn Wanted A Mid-Face Lift – She Got Silhouette From Dr. Yates

Q: Lynn – You’re beginning the new year with a fresh look.

Lynn – that’s correct – I had Silhoutte Lift done on my mid-face. It went so well, we topped it off with a laser smoothing, fillers and Botox.

Q: Lynn – terrific news. How did the Silhouette procedure go?

Lynn – Very well. No problems.

Q: What exactly was your concern?

Lynn – mostly sagging.

Q: There’s no cutting with Silhouette.

Lynn: Yes – you feel relaxed.

Q: What about afterwards?

Lynn – You know something was done – a little tightness around the jaw. No problem.

Q: – Anything else?

Lynn – I’ll go back for anything related. I’m real happy. Who needs the down time?

Q: So, you didn’t have time for down time – and Silhouette came through.

Lynn – That’s right!

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