She Combined Silhouette With Exilis

Lifting And Tightening – Face And Neck

Q: Valli – you did a Silhouette face lift, then you had your neck tightened with Exilis.

Valli – That’s right – the Silhouette was minor and it was on both sides. Then, I had my neck tightened.

Q: Two procedures. How did they go?

Valli – The Silhouette lift went just fine. I’m still fine-tuning my neck – but, it looks great.

neck tightening davenport before after photo

Sep14-1.3Q: What’s your age?

Valli – 61. I want to say “mission accomplished.” Both did what they were supposed to do – without any kind of drastic change. People see me, say, I look great – but don’t know I had anything done.

Q: That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Valli – I really liked the Exilis for tightening. It’s working out quite well.

Q: You did the Silhouette for lifting – first, then on to the Exilis for neck tightening. Lots of folks are thinking of doing the same thing.

Valli – I noticed some sagging on the neck – and wanted to get rid of it. Before it got worse and my advice – do it when it begins to be a problem.

Q: What got you going?

Valli – I’d been thinking about doing this. Years ago, I heard about the Silhouette Lift – then, talked to a friend – and was ready. Silhouette with the Exilis is a great combination. There’s no scar. Do something now – and no one will know you had anything done.

Q: So, a combination of lifting and tightening of the face and neck. Sounds like a great combination.

Try Exilis – it’s totally non-invasive and the results are excellent!

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