Rejuvenation with Adult Stem Cells

Adult Stem CellsYou may not know this, but Diamond Medical Spa & Vein is at the forefront as a provider of medical rejuvenation therapy using Adipose-Derived Regenerative Cells (ADRCs). You know them as adult stem cells, and they’re known for their repairing qualities on a host of injuries, as well as their rejuvenation properties.

Where are ARDCs harvested?

It was a surprise when stem cells were originally discovered to be of the materials removed through liposuction. But within the numerous types of cells collected during liposuction, it was discovered that there were mesenchymal derived stem cells within the fluid and adipose tissue.

What are ARDCs used to address?

Physicians have administered ARCDs to clients with torn ligaments, chronic sports injuries, knee/back/shoulder injuries, osteoarthritis, gout, MS, Parkinson’s, autism, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune disorders. Cosmetically, they’ve been used with facelifts, breast enhancement, and fat transfers.

Although these approaches are, at this time, proactive, many studies are ongoing as to the healing capabilities of adult stem cells.

How are the stem cells isolated?

Dr. Yates obtains the ADRCs during his Tickle Lipo procedures. Using an FDA-compliant procedure, the ADRCs are separated, washed using sterile techniques, concentrated, and reintroduced back into the patient. The average total time for Tickle Lipo and ADRC reintroduction is 2-3 hours.

Most client samples contain several hundred million regenerative cells. Each person’s number of cells and their healing potency are unique. Still, the healing and regenerative qualities of these adult stem cells are amazing.

What is the process?

The liposuction site is thoroughly cleansed first. Then a local tumescent anesthesia is injected to numb the fat, constrict the blood vessels, and numb the overlying skin. Dr. Yates then performs the Tickle Lipo procedure while the patient watches a movie, talks on the phone, or simply relaxes. The ADRCs are then collected, separated, and sterilized. In about 45 minutes after they are removed, the stem cells are then re-injected into the patient. A dressing is placed, and the client heads home.

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