Patient Stacy – Middle Age And Looking Great After Tickle Lipo

Patient Stacy Recently Had A “Tickle Lipo” Performed With Dr. Yates

90 Minute Drive To Home

Q: Stacy, you live some 90 minutes away, yet you had liposuction performed at Diamond Medical.

Stacy – I did. It was well worth it.

Q: What areas did you have done?

Stacy – The back and the abdomen.

Q: How far back does this thought process go?

Stacy – About a year.

Q: Had you tried anything else?

Oct13-1.3Stacy – Exercise – but there’s a point where it stopped. I’m glad I did it, but – it also taught me – that – there’s no way I was going to get rid of the role on my abdomen without something like a liposuction.

Q: How did you find out about Tickle Lipo?

Stacy – Through Dr. Yates. It sounded like something I could really use and he took the complication about what I thought lipo would be. It was anything but. The process went smoothly.

Q: What was discussed before your Tickle Lipo?

Stacy – We went over certain areas and how it was going to work. In particular – what the “post” lipo was going to be like. He talked to me anytime – home – he answered all my questions any time.

Q: What was your recovery like?

Stacy- I was back at work the day.

Q: What kind of work do you do?

Stacy – I’m a nurse – so a little of what I do is standing and some is at a desk. There was no problem with going back to work – at all.

Q: The Tickle Lipo experience – what was it like during the procedure?>

Stacy – I don’t remember pain or anything uncomfortable. It was just amazing. And, I have had not one problem.

Q: This is as much about body sculpting – isn’t it?

Stacy – Yes, he goes through that with you before the procedure. We work it out as a team – and does exactly what he said he was going to do.

Q: That’s good to know. Always, know what to expect. Stacy, thanks for your time today.

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