Patient “Kat” Improved Her Life and Style W/Silhouette Face Lift – Davenport’s Best

Silhouette Lift’s Genius Is In Its Simplicity – Quick and Easy

No Worries About Doing It/Went To A Wedding After Two Days

When It Comes To Her Results – Kat’s Got A Tongue!
Q: – Kat (Kate), you finally decided to get a lift – and “Silhouette” was your choice.

Kat – Yes – I had Silhouette Lift performed. I wanted a natural facelift at the age of 44. I had a little sagging in the midface and looking natural was my biggest concern. I didn’t want an, “oh you had a facelift” look as so many can make the face look stretched. I wanted natural, something that was quick – and with great results – and – little or no down time.

Q: How long were you thinking about doing a lift?

Kat – About two years.

Q: Did you shop around/ do research?

Kat – I did. Saw lots of results I didn’t like and I didn’t want to do anything drastic. And, I didn’t want the downtime. A friend of mind told me about “Lifestyle” lift – and about 50% said they didn’t get the results they wanted. At Diamond Medical – I began getting Botox – then found out about the “Silhouette Lift.” Dr. Yates went over it with ease and – you just can’t say no. Everything was right. There was nothing complicated and – as it turned out – no complications.

Q: So, you decide to go with “Silhouette Lift” and what was your experience like?

Kat – For me – I was a little nervous – and that’s normal. They explained to me – there would be no pain. I got prepped and relaxed. You take some numbing agents – but that’s it. I never felt a thing – just a little tugging. It was very comfortable, during and after.

Q: – And, when were you back to doing things?

Kat – I went to a wedding two days later. The recovery was fast and I looked great. But, it’s important – that you follow instructions.

Q: – Obviously. The Silhouette Lift though, is minimally invasive. What did you have done?

Kat – I did midface and had my eyes pulled up a little – all in one procedure. I didn’t need anything on my jaw or neck – but when I have to – I’ll get those done with the Silhouette method. Everything was pulled back wonderfully. And, as the years go by and things relax, I can go back and get a tune-up. That is really good to know.

Q: That’s the genius behind Silhouette – it’s simple – and like you said – you can always get tightening over the years without starting over.

Kat – For me, I highly recommend it. There was a lady who was thinking about getting a Silhouette as I was doing my follow-up. I talked to her and gave her my experience. And, this lady was very pretty – in her ‘60’s and believe me – it’s a great decision for her as well.

Q: And, you take care of yourself.

Kat – I go to the gym, watch my diet and all that. Like I said, two days later – I went to a wedding – and got great compliments and – it keeps getting better and better – this, after a month. And, I was back to my Lifestyle – that quickly. There’s no better test than a wedding.

Q: – Kat – so many women want to do something – and don’t realize that a procedure such as Silhouette can take care of the little lifting as well as fuller/larger lifting. With the same kind of great results. In no time.

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