Patient Jackie Makes Video Selfie Of Her Tickle Lipo

Liposuction As It Happens

Jackie Wanted To Make The Video

“So People Can See It Doesn’t Hurt”

Q: Jackie – You had your Tickle Lipo procedure taped as it was being performed by Dr. Yates.

Jackie – I did. It went pretty simple. I was awake during the whole procedure.

Q: This was your idea?

Jackie – It was. I wanted to show my family.

Q: What liposuction did you have done?

Jackie – My flanks and my stomach.

Q: You’ve been thinking about doing this for how long?

Jackie – About six years.

Q: You made this video?

Jackie – Yes, I wanted to show how comfortable this could be. You can feel comfortable and not think about the procedure. I was watching Netflix during most of the time.

Q: What did you do after the procedure?

Jackie – I relaxed, and went out to dinner. The next day, I went with a walk with my son.

Q: Any feedback so far?

Jackie – Yes, and I don’t mind of someone asks if I had something done. The results look great.

Q: So, the whole experience was pretty good.

Jackie – It was. And, glad I recorded it.

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