Patient Erin Talks About Her Lipo

She’s Going Back For More

Q: Erin, you recently had a liposuction procedure?

Erin – Sure – went in and Dr. Yates explained the procedure. Looked at a video and couldn’t wait to get it done.

Q: You had a Tickle Lipo?

Erin – I did – and it went very well. And, I was ready to go when it was done. In the sense that – the procedure went very well.

Q: What did you have done?

Erin – My abdomen and flanks.

Q: How long were you thinking about doing a liposuction?

Erin – For quite some time. Years. I had gone to weight watchers and – I did lose weight – about 30 pounds. And, of course – went to the gym – but those areas just didn’t budge.

davenport liposuction abdomen – photo

Jul14-1.1Q: Are you thinking of having other areas done?

Erin – Probably my inner thighs. I’ll wait a little bit for that. But, it’s a plan.

Q: How did you find out about Diamond Medical?

Erin – My sister,who works at a hospital knew about Diamond Medical. She told me – I checked out the website – and, couldn’t wait to get in.

Q: How do you look now?

Erin – Great and it seems to get better. It’s great to look in the mirror. And, I was able to get back to work right away.

Q: Erin – thanks for your time.

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