Our Sciton Laser and Your Aging Skin

Collagen is basically the key when it comes to keeping your skin young looking, firm, and healthy. But the sun and the basic process of aging combine to dramatically decrease your body’s production of collagen. The result is sagging, loose skin that is prone to wrinkling.

SciTon Skin/Anti-agingThe easy way around this would be to trick the body into returning its collagen levels to those of a 20-something. While the body doesn’t seem to be into such sleight of hand long term, over the short haul it can be hoodwinked.

Such is the basis of many anti-aging treatments, from dermal fillers to radiofrequency energy to lasers. At Diamond Medical Spa & Vein, we use the Sciton laser for a variety of procedures that basically trick the body into thinking it has suffered an injury. Its response? To produce new collagen!

How the Sciton laser works

The Sciton laser delivers its infrared energy into the dermis, the skin layer beneath the epidermis. In the dermis, that energy triggers a response from the body that is the same as if it were injured. Although an actual injury does not occur, the body responds as it has upping the production of new collagen. The heat also causes soft tissue coagulation, making the skin tighten. So, while our patients at Diamond see noticeable improvements immediately after their Sciton session, their results continue to improve as the body supplies new collagen. This process continues for months. Over time, however, collagen again decreases and the process needs to be repeated.

Conditions the Sciton treats

• Aging hands
• Uneven skin texture
• Age spots
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Loose skin

Interested in putting the Sciton Laser to work on your skin aging? Call us at 563-275-4701 for a consultation.

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