Our New Esthetician Is Lydia – And – She Knows Smooth Skin!

Introducing Esthetician Lydia To The Diamond Medical Family

Q: Lydia – You have a terrific background – especially cosmetics.

Lydia – I’ve worked in cosmetics for the past 20 years including department stores. I hold a hair license and esthetician license. Stores such as Este Lauder, Elizabeth Arden.

Q: Do women still want the same things?

Lydia – Yes, to always look good.

Q: What has changed over the years?

Lydia – I think women – as far as make-up – have gone from a sort-of dramatic look to a more natural look. Use to be – dramatic – more heavy make-up.

Q: Lighter make-up I think, takes more talent.

Lydia – Yes it does. Natural.

Q: Here at Diamond Medical, you’ll be working with a device called the Micro-Pen. Tell us about it.

Lydia – That’s right – clients will love this technology.Mostly for the face – it helps break-up collagen and gives you new collagen – and – younger looking skin. Takes care of fine-lines, scarring, acne – deep or light scarring. It’s great for the skin.

Q: It’s a pleasure to have you on board. Sounds like you can share a lot of knowledge.

Lydia – That’s right – there’s no doubt – you will have questions and concerns. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Lydia is an expert at bringing out the best in facial skin! For the smallest to more robust facial concerns – talk to her today.

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