MicroPen / MicroNeedling Davenport, IA

This is the latest skin treatment craze in Hollywood. Want a smoother complexion without the expense and downtime of a laser? We are seeing fast, fabulous improvement of stretch marks and acne scars. Our clients are seeing these problems simply disappear. They are amazed and extremely happy. It also tightens loose skin. The way it works is by pulsing tiny needles at a precise depth into the skin. As the tiny holes heal, collagen forms leaving a smoother, firmer, even complexion. Our Micropen is for you! Identical to the Eclipse Micropen (same Manufacturer), this quick, skin treatment is wonderful and safe for all skin types and ethnicities.
micropen 4
Clients are experiencing amazing results after a single treatment. The usual is 4-6 treatments for a complete result. At Diamond, buy 4 and get one free. Treatments begin with an anesthetic numbing cream on the face for 30 minutes. Other parts of the body can be treated without it. Session last 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area.

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You may have heard of the Vampire Face Lift. The process is to draw blood from a vein into a special tube. The tube is centrifuged to separate the Plasma Rich Platelet serum called PRP. The face is cleansed and the sterile PRP is spread onto the skin. The micropen microneedling creates micro channels for this PRP to get under the skin. PRP has special growth factors and even a few stem cells that further stimulate angiogenesis and improves the blood supply to the skin that makes it look more alive and vibrant. Women love how their skin glows after even one treatment. We don’t use the copywritten phrase Vampire Lift but utilize the same process. We call this process Diamond Micropen/PRP.