Meet Tonya – Our New Weight Management Director

She Promises you – A Fun Experience

Shed those pounds and have fun! Tonya Anderson joins Diamond Medical as our Weight Management Director. She brings fresh new ideas – because – losing weight shouldn’t have be a chore. Or, a bore.

Q: Tonya – Welcome to Diamond Medical. Sounds like you’re off and running.

Tonya – Thank you. We’ve got some new and exciting contests coming up including “Biggest Loser” plus some new recipes and ideas for weight loss from guest speakers. And, much more

Q: When does it all start?

Tonya – Right now. We’re ready to go. We’ve already started contesting for the, “Biggest Loser” and offering prizes for that. Also, we’ll have specials on other things.

Q: In your opinion, how much does the average person want to lose?

Tonya – At least 15 pounds for women. For the first month here, women can lose from 15 to 18 pounds. Men are a little higher – 20 to 22 pounds. The first month is the best month – you’ll have the most energy and the best results.

Q: What day do you conduct Weight Management sessions?

Tonya – Wednesdays – 8:30am, noon and 5:30pm and one Saturday per month. Also, we offer one-on-one classes for additional coaching and an additional fee.
We have special specials for folks who want to lose weight: men and women. Tonya says, you’ll love the experience. Contact us today!

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