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Diamond Medical Weight Management Classes Are Something Else!

Losing Weight Is Fun At Diamond Medical – Come See For Yourself!

Q: Diamond Medical is also becoming known for – it’s weight management classes. You just had a gathering. Tell us about it.

Dr. Yates – We just started our weight management sessions. These are in lieu of private individual classes. It’s really wonderful and it’s turning out well.

Q: Tell us more about what you’re offering. Somebody comes in, do they enroll?

Dr. Yates – Basically – they check in… we do all the medical things – weight, blood pressures – check medications. Then we have them sit in our lower facility – which seats 40-50 people. I show presentations and we have videos, demonstrations, patient participation: lots of participation. Contests also. It’s a very interactive program. This is the first week – and it went well.

Sep13-1.4Q: This is something that women would enjoy.

Dr. Yates – Yes – we have 90% women – and it’s turning out to be a ton of fun.

Q: – What typically are expectations?

Dr. Yates – What we’ve seen are women losing an average of 15 pounds a month. Men do more.

Q: 15 pounds is very reasonable. Almost four pounds a week. Very do-able.

Dr. Yates – It’s not hard at all. I talk about it being easy and sustainable, as well as scientific.

Q: And, that sounds like great news. Progress sounds like it would be a lot of fun. And, people get to meet other folks.

Dr. Yates – And also, they get exposed to what’s new out there – after the program. cosmetic and otherwise.

Q: Sounds great and we’re looking forward to speaking with one of those ladies – soon.

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds – join us at Diamond Medical Spa and Vein. Just use the quick form or call us. Tell them you saw it here – and get a great deal!

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