Look Like You from the Front, JLo from Behind

Brazilian Butt LiftOh, how times have changed. In the new Netflix series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the main character Kimmy has been living in a bunker for the past 15 years. On one of her first nights out since the year 2000, she goes clubbing with her new roommate. “Titus!” she yells, “Dancing is about butts now!”

Ten or fifteen years ago, butts were not a thing. But now, in large part thanks to Jennifer Lopez, butts are big and beautiful. I mean, you cannot talk about model butts without mentioning Jlo’s iconic derriere. And she, in part, is a huge reason why the Brazilian Butt Lift is the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure. So do you want a JLo booty? Here’s what you need to know.

What a Brazilian Butt Lift Isn’t

Years ago, butt augmentation meant implants, but today those are anything but in vogue. Not only do they look and feel fake, but there is also a very high risk of infection. It’s not like a breast implant surgery where they cut open your cheeks and glutes and stick in a silicone sack.

Instead, a Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer, a two for one. The surgeon will remove fat from a trouble area in your body—perhaps your stomach, arms, or love handles. In fact, since only a small percentage of the liposuctioned fat is able to be used for reinjected, usually two or three areas of your body must undergo lipo. Then that fat will be processed and purified. When the fat is ready, it is reinjected into your butt. It takes many (even hundreds) of little injections to perfectly shape your butt into the round bodacious booty you want.

“Pretty Hurts”

Another bootylicious superstar, Beyonce, sings a song about how pretty hurts. Beauty is pain, right? In the case of a butt lift, that is true at least temporarily. Or if not painful at least inconvenient. Costing thousands of dollars, you will need to sleep on your stomach and not sit down for about two weeks. However, you will have plenty of help and pain killers, and after the recovery time is complete, you can get to rocking that new booty on the dance floor.

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