Liposuction Helped Her Career

Tickle Lipo Changed Becky’s Mind – She Did It!

This Military Girl Was At The End Of Her Wits

One Of The Most Important Decisions She’s Ever Made

Q: Becky – Lipo (initially) didn’t attract you – but you wanted it.

Becky – That’s right. I had friends that did liposuction – but for them, it didn’t seem like the best experience. But, it wasn’t Tickle Lipo and – it certainly wasn’t Dr. Yates.

Q: Becky – How did you find Diamond Medical?

Becky – I found “Tickle Lipo” – looked around, saw your videos – asked questions. Then I came in.

Q: And, you’re in the military.

Becky – That’s right.

Q: So, what did you have done?

Becky – Liposuction and fat transfer. I never thought I would do this, but I’ll tell you – I’d been thinking about lipo for a while.

Q: And, you’re in the military – where weight standards are strict.

Becky – That’s right. It’s really hard – the (Body Mass Index) BMI/weight standards. I’m getting older and it’s so much of a stress because I constantly diet – sometimes, I can’t eat hardly anything. Weight goes up and down. I’m a size 8 – but – they want me to weigh 20 pounds less. If it was up to them, I’d have to be a size 4. Oh – the stress! I’m always so close – and, like I said, the stress is amazing. Finally I said, I’m going to look this up on line – and found Tickle Lipo. And, many other military women are in the very same boat.

Q: Because, you didn’t want traditional liposuction.

Becky – That’s right – like I said, I have known others who went through the old type of liposuction. Tickle Lipo – the experience – was fantastic.

Q: What did that do for your weight and results?

Becky – I get complimented left and right. My shape looks great and – as far as weight loss – I feel comfortable. I went to work the next day.

Q: How long ago?

Becky – About a month ago. I can’t tell you how happy I am. I’d recommend this to anyone in my situation. And, I passed my weight exam.

Becky’s Looking Forward To Her Next (Body Mass/Weight) inspection. Her procedure here at Diamond Medical has given her a continued confidence – and she knows, she can always come back – just to chat!

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