Lipo Is A Healthy Choice

Liposuction Today Is A Good Healthy Choice

Patients Can Benefit A Number Of Ways

Did You Know?

Here at Diamond Medical – Lipo has been good for our patients. But, did you know – it’s not just a great aesthetic choice, but a good healthy choice? Healthy – lipo!

Belly fat is the #1 cause of hypertension and hyperglycemia. There’s so much sugar in that section – it’s unable to reach other parts of the body. Belly fat can also be responsible for – back pain, back aches, knee joint pain – even heel spurs are linked to those with too much abdominal fat.

There’s More…

Studies reveal that liposuction health benefits – particularly with your body’s metabolic processes – that your body’s ability to handle cholesterol and fats are dramatically increased after liposuction and indeed – liposuction can be instrumental in cutting back the body’s triglyceride fatty acid level – as well as improving sugar control for diabetes or perhaps preventing – diabetes. “We have tremendous proof via studies that show there is metabolic improvement with liposuction. It can help your body return to a healthier state – particularly if you combine it with more exercise and better/healthy diet,” says a lipo expert.

What Kind Of Patients Want Liposuction?

Text books used to talk about the ideal liposuction patient. A patient that was in good shape – not overweight – but had some mild areas of resistant fatty fullness resistant to diet and exercise. And so, liposuction was excellent for those patients, because their skin tone was good and it wasn’t a major procedure – “kind of like touch-up work.”

While that sounds wonderful – those patients have taken a back seat. For most busy lipo doctors such as Dr. Yates – “Lipo docs see patients who have overeaten and gradually weight has been added in the form of fat deposits.” Most of those deposits align themselves in superficial areas such as the abdomen, hips, flanks, thighs, arms – even breasts. “As long as the fatty deposits are superficial – they’re approachable with liposuction directly.”

Other types of liposuction patients are those who have lost a tremendous amount of weight through diet or exercise or have gone through some sort of bariatric surgery. Gastric stapling, gastric bypass or even a lap-band procedure fall into this category. After a significant amount of weight loss, there’s a stabilization. These patients tend to get liposuction – and continue their improved body image – or perhaps get a body contouring procedure such as a tummy tuck, arm lift or breast lift.

Liposuction Can Be Used In Breast Reduction

The other interesting segment of the lipo population – is older female patients who have unfortunately, developed a lot of weight in the breast. Liposuctiion can do a wonderful job in reduction in breast through liposuction only – and relieve the back pain or shoulder pain without reconstructive surgery of the breast with its inherent scarring or distortion of the breast shape.

“The last area of liposuction patient we see, particularly this time of year is bride grooms, members of the bridal party and their families – in order to look their best. You want to do this about a month before the big ceremony. So overall – the amount of different patient categories that fit-in with liposuction have significantly expanded. No longer are we looking at the patient who wants minimal liposuction.”

Here in Davenport – Diamond Medical is well-known for using “Tickle Lipo” – for the best experience and results in liposuction.

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