Lipo Has Been Popular For February And March

Spring Into Spring With Lipo

We’ve had more interest in liposuction during the past few months. Seems that many of you are thinking of shedding some of those inches – and getting in shape. We realize there’s no substitute for exercise and proper diet – but, a lot of times, especially for those over 30 – lipo is the answer along with diet and excercise. It’s just harder – if not impossible – to get rid of that extra material.

Here at Diamond Medical – we’ve combined the idea of “Lifestyle Liposuction” with our incredible “Tickle Lipo” technology. We use “Lifestyle” because – in fact, the results will make you feel better about yourself – and, when you do that – everything’s better. Yes, it’s not related to the “Lift” company – our lipo is very one-to-one – and, only comes from Dr. Yates (in the entire state if Iowa). That’s pretty exclusive – because – we really believe we’ll change your lifestyle for the better.

Tickle Lipo is simply the best lipo experience you can have. During the procedure – you’re awake and either talking, watching TV or something else. Dr. Yates is one of the top Tickle Lipo docs in the country – he combines it with body shaping. The results – amazing. We’ve had folks come from as far away as 100 miles for Tickle Lipo.

So, consider getting lipo – that is, if you’re not entirely satisfied with your shape and extra pounds. It’s a great choice. You can consider lipo if you have a little to shed – or more. Also, it can be done in sections – at different times. Some folks elect to do it this way – as they go along.

Lipo is great for – love handles, arms, buttocks, back and other parts. Talk to Dr. Yates about your concerns.

We promise you great results – and – that you’ll look and feel great. What’s not to like? Call Angela today – or fill out the form. Here’s another look too, at our “Lifestyle Lipo” campaign. We’ll be adding more videos in a few months.

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