Larry Did Silhouette Lift, Tickle Lipo & Laser Skin Smoothing W/Sciton

At The Age Of 72, Larry Wanted A New Life – Didn’t Want Surgery

Face Lift, Lipo & Skin – And He’s Off To Travel!

Q: Larry, we love hearing from the women. It’s great to interview a guy once in a while. Your story is truely unique. How long had you thought about having a procedure?

Larry – For years, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of surgery. You begin to think about it. If you want to get something done, it’s up to you. And, I knew I was a doer. All of this went off without a hitch.

Q: And yes, years ago, you probably would have needed real surgery for your face and liposuction. With Silhouette Lift and Tickle Lipo – that’s all changed. But, what was the real turning point?

Sep13-1.1Larry – I finally ran into Dr. Yates locally, asked him what he did, then went to the clinic to talk to him. There was a time when I wasn’t that healthy – and couldn’t even work out. When that passed, I was ready to really put everything into gear.

Q: What did you have done?

Larry: I consider myself a vain person and I had Silhouette Lift, then later – had my skin smoothed with the Sciton laser. And, had Tickle Lipo performed – all by Dr. Yates.

Q: Where your “surgery” fears subsided?

Larry – Absolutely. All three went fantastic. Silhouette, which – because it had to do with my face – I believed – would be the most complicated. Nothing was easier. I was awake the whole time – didn’t even take a pain pill. I was never “under” and just took a relaxing ill. It was quite nice. The recovery time was minimal. And, I love the results.

Q: What was worked on?

Larry – The neck, jowls and a little bit on the cheek.

Q: Tickle Lipo – I don’t think there’s a better liposuction technology out there.

Larry – From experience – during the procedure – nothing to it. I was awake, talking, reading and could see the progress.

Q: Larry – how long have you been thinking about doing this?

Larry – About seven years. I’m going to be traveling to visit my son on the West Coast – so – it was perfect. Got it over with.

Q: What did you do with the Sciton laser?

Larry – I got rid of some blotches on my skin. I have very little pigment in my skin – and – it did the trick. Only did it one time! I thought it was fantastic.

Q: Between all three procedures – what was the time span?

Larry – It was just a couple months between the liposuction and Silhouette Lift. Then into the Sciton laser skin treatment.

Q: Larry, you’re 72 and off to a new life. Where to now?

Larry – Off to see a new grandchild on the Coast. Can’t wait!

Q: Larry – thanks for your time today.

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