Juvederm – In Davenport – It’s Diamond Medical

Lynette’s Been Doing Juvederm With Dr Yates For Several Years

She’s Hooked On The Results

Q: Lynette – for a woman who is 59, you know what’s working for you.

Lynette – Thanks! I’ve been coming to Dr. Yates for quite some time. What you see is the product of using the Sciton laser and – Juvederm.

Q: What does the Juvederm portion do for you?

Lynette – It gets rid of my wrinkles – like the fine lines above my lips. And, it feels pretty natural as well.

Q: How long have you been getting Juvederm?

Lynette – Since it first came out – and – I tried all kinds of fillers. Those fine lines are hard to get rid of.

Q: What are the Juvederm procedures like?

Lynette – Dr. Yates does it the best. You feel nothing and I hear – with docs – you can feel something. Especially the lip area – that’s very sensitive.

Q: How often to you go back for Juvederm?

Lynette – Almost once year – but – it really depends.

Q: And, you combined this with another treatment or procedure?

Lynette – I did Sciton with Dr. Yates – and the Juvederm is kind of like a tune-up. But, it gets into, like I said – the “finer” lines areas – and the combination is awesome.

Q: And, you’re a pretty active person?

Lynette – Yes – I exercise and my partner – well, he’s 10 years younger than I. So, this is a very good thing.

Q: Lynette – thanks for your time today!

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