Getting Rid Of A 10-Year Problem – Her Rosacia Is Now Gone

Cleaning Up Your Skin – You Don’t Have To Look Like That!

Rosacia Is Pretty Common And Patient Barb Got Rid Of It Finally

Q: Barb – You had Rosacia for a while. How long?

Barb – I had it for about 10 years.

Q: Can you describe it?

Barb: – It’s a skin condition – a reddening of the face; red flush, plus – I had bumps on my farhead. Also, my neck had some spots – and – I don’t know if that was related.

Q: Ten years. Were you doing anything for it?

Barb: – Yes, my doctor had prescribed an anti-biotic cream. I had been using it and finally, wanted to get off the anti-biotic. And honestly, it treated the symptoms to a degree – but – it had never gone away.

Q: Then what?

Sep13-1.2Barb – I had heard about “Forever Young” technology at Diamond Medical and decided to give it a try. I had had this for so long.

Q: Then what?

Barb – The Rosacia is gone. I mean gone – plus – the bumps and as an aside, I had some wrinkles and lines disappear. I wasn’t expecting that.

Q: Problem solved. How do you look today?

Barb – Wonderful. My face is clear. The redness from my neck is also gone.

Q: What’s your age?

Barb – Almost 60 – but it’s hard to believe all this redness is gone. I’ve lived with it for so long.

Q: This technology is something most women can use because – it seems to get rid of these type of things – bumps, spots, wrinkles – and now – redness and Rosacia. Would you do it again?

Barb – Absolutely. It’s been very, very good.

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