Dr. Yates Talks About Silhouette Lift & Patients

Dr. LeRoy Yates Says Silhouette Has Been A Hit For His Patients

The Most Minimally Invasive Lift For Face & Neck

Q: Dr. Yates – there’s something to be said about “Silhouette Lift.” You adopted this technique and it’s becoming a favorite for your patients. What is Silhouette Lift?
Dr. Yates – The Silhouette is a minimally- invasive lift of the mid-face and neck area. It does a very good job for those with extra skin in the neck as well.
Q: Are most face-lifts performed mid-face?
Dr. Yates – Most of the need is for the mid-face, however – people need brow-lifts and other areas and Silhouette Lift lends itself effective in other areas as well.
Q: The neck has been popular too – with women 40 and older.
Dr. Yates – That’s correct. I see more and more here and Silhouette can do a terrific job on the neck.
Q: How long does a Silhouette Lift take?
Dr. Yates – one to two hours – it just depends on what the patient needs.
Q: How long have you been offering Silhouette Lift? How’s it going?
Dr. Yates – The Silhouette Lift has been phenomenal in terms of minimal down time and fast recovery. Honestly – some of my patients could have gone back to work the next day. Everyday – I’m learning more about the procedure itself. It’s just getting better and better.
Q: The average patient – tell us about that person?
Silouette-Lift-Before-and-After-300x189Dr. Yates – Primarily female – 48 years through 65 years. That’s the predominant age. Some younger, some older.
Q: What’s the feedback been like?
Dr. Yates – It’s funny – some of them are very happy – but they don’t want anybody to know they’ve had anything done. So, they go back to work – and co-workers say things like – they look refreshed and such. Most folks – just say they look great and some of the co-workers believe they’ve had something done, but can’t put their finger on it.  Some patients want something beyond Silhouette Lift – and that can lend itself to stem cell face-lift, fillers or fat transfer.
Q: Isn’t this a big trend. Silhouette Lift is done under local anesthesia – and more is being demanded – as far as results – under local.
Dr. Yates – Yes – we can accomplish more today, under local anesthesia – than we could under general anesthesia – in the old days. Silhouette Lift is probably the best under this category.
Q: Any other thoughts?
Dr. Yates – I think it can only grow. My patients don’t want saline or silicone implants – so with Silhouette Lift – I can lift – then, add natural fat transfer and get – fabulous results. It’s the perfect complement to natural fillers – it’s just been amazing.
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Interview conducted without bias by Gary West