Dr Yates Says 2013 Was A Great Year At Diamond Medical!

A 2013 Trend: – Women Do Not Want Saline/Silicone Breast Augmentation

Q: Dr Yates – you saw an important trend in 2013 – what was that?

Dr. Yates – That women no longer want artificial implants for breast augmentation. We’re liposculpting the abdomen and at the same time, they’re getting the double benefit of having that fat and their own stem cells put into their breast – a more natural and longer lasting benefit.

Q: Breast implants have to be replaced?

Dr. Yates – The FDA says we have to tell patients that artificial implants are good for ten years, but your own body tissue lasts as long as you do.

Q: And, once you’ve had a saline or silicone implant – there is no turning back.

Dec13-1.1Dr. Yates – Once you have a chest cavity – removing the implant – you cannot fill that area. You can’t pour fat into a gaping cavity. You’re stuck with the implant – or let’s say, you don’t have as many options. A fat transfer – can always put an implant in.

Q: What was trend #2 for 2013.

Dr. Yates – Our Diamond Laser Resurfacing. We use the Sciton technology which has been fabulous. Better than expected.

Q: Let’s provide a link here for SciTon patient (Click Here) … It’s technology that’s here to stay. What can Sciton do?

Dr. Yates – Even plastic surgeons don’t realize just how well this technology can be used – especially around the eyes. You can custom-shrink the tissue – and – it’s just amazing.

Q: And the #3 trend for 2013?

Dr. Yates – The ability for the Sciton technology to tighten the skin – where you get fresh-looking skin. Even smokers are getting rid of their lip lines. So, for skin tightening on any level, this technology tops them all.

Q: Dr. Yates – thanks for this amazing update.

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