Davenport’s Diamond Neck-Less (Neck) Skin Tightening Is Here!

Non Surgical/Non Invasive Neck Tightening – Takes Just Minutes At A Time!

Carol Says She Is Glad She Had It Done!

Even Your Neckless Will Look Better With Diamond “Neck-Less.”

Q: Carol – you had your neck tightened by Dr. Yates. This is a fairly common procedure these days – and today – it can be done in about – 25 minute sessions – non surgically. How did it go?

Carol – Smoothly. You sit in a chair, have it done – and you’re back to what you were doing.

Jan14-1.3Q: What’s the actual process like?

Carol – The process heats up your skin. I’ve had several treatments and every time my neck got tighter.

Q: How long had you thought about this?

Carol – I wanted to look more youthful for a time.

Q: The first time – how long did it take?

Carol – Just under 30 minutes. You’re in and out.

Q: He uses the Exilis technology?

Carol – Yes, The “tune-up” is four to six procedures – but – really like I said, they’re quick with great results. Cost-wise and time-wise – it’s been amazing. It’s nice knowing – you don’t have to do surgery.

Q: A lot of women and men over 40 begin to have this problem. Once upon a time, it was only solved with surgery – but not now.

Carol – Yes, I would have never had this performed had it been surgical.

Men and women alike can’t believe how much younger and better they look and feel in such a short time! Start turning back your biological clock. This amazing procedure is individually customized for you. Make your appointment now. No consultation fee when you say “DNL” before Feb 14. Call 563 275-4701.

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