Davenport Breast Augmentation/Reconstruction Update With Patient Melissa

Melissa Had Stem Cell/Filler Breast Reconstruction

Using Her Own Body Material Made Lots Of Sense

Q: Melissa, you had breast reconstruction performed by Dr. Yates. Can you tell us exactly what was done?

Melissa – I always had uneven breasts – one was smaller than the other. It was easy to disguise in public – but privately – it always bothered me.

Q: How long had you been thinking about doing something?

Melissa – A very long time: late teens – into adult-hood.

Q: Breast enhancement and breast reconstruction have come a long way. Quality doctors now use filler material from your own body.

Melissa – Yes – that’s right and that’s what really made sense to me. I had a liposuction performed first. The reason for that was two-fold – to give me back some shape – and, that material was used in performing my enhancement.

Oct13-1.1Q: Had you looked at other options?

Melissa – Yes, but I didn’t want synthetic filler material. That’s good for some folks, but – it didn’t appeal to me at all.

Q: And, these are stem cells – so, it gets even better.

Melissa – Yes – so much so, you don’t have to worry about it.

Q: How long ago had you had this breast reconstruction?

Melissa – Almost a year ago. Things are great. No problems.

Q: We’ve come a long way. Natural fillers seem to be getting more popular.

Melissa – And, for a very good reason. Like I said, it’s been about a year and honestly – I look better now than I did six months ago. It’s a good feeling – inside and out.

Q: Melissa – thanks for your time today.

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