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Brian Lost A Good Bit Of Weight – You Can Too!

Q: Brian – how much did you lose?

Brian – I was 351 pounds January 1, 2012 and now I’m way down to 184 pounds.

Brian Before Picture

Brian Before Picture

Q: Congratulations and, what a testament to your goals.

Brian – Thanks – and I have to thank Diamond Medical.

Q: Brian –How did you get up that high? What attributed to your initial weight gain?

Brian – Getting older and lazier – and of course – diet: the drive-through diet.

Q: How did you find out about the Diamond Medical program?

Brian – My wife was going and her results influenced me.

Q: So how did it work for you? What were some of the first things you had to do?

Brian – I had to cut my calorie intake for each meal. It was tough – especially the first few weeks. But – I had to do it. The first month – I lost 30 pounds.

Brian After Photo

Brian After Photo

Q: Dr Yates initially talks about what foods are good and not-so-good.

Brian – That’s right – he really sheds light on calorie intake and quality of food.

Q: How often do you go back?

Brian – Once a month. The rest is up to you. After the initial 30 pounds – I lost double-digits each month and now I’m down to the weight I wanted. Actually – I’m shooting for 180 pounds and lost half-a-size.

Q: Brian – thanks for your time today!

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