Breast Reduction without the Scarring

Breast Reduction Davenport, IowaBreast augmentation becomes more popular every year, so it could seem unusual for a woman to want to decrease the size of her breasts. But the reality of overly large breasts is that they are very heavy, can cause back and neck problems can keep a woman from participating in sports and exercise programs, and can attract way too much attention.

Unfortunately, the method for reducing the size of a woman’s breasts, a surgical procedure called mammoplasty, is a major surgical procedure and it creates long, visible scars.

But Dr. Yates can eliminate those large scars while still reducing breast size with scarless breast reduction.

What is scarless breast reduction?

Scarless breast reduction is breast liposuction. Liposuction has been used since the 1980s to remove pockets of fat from places such as the abdomen and outer thighs. But when you consider that after the age of 35 a woman’s breasts are at least 50% fat, performing liposuction to reduce breast size makes perfect sense.

Dr. Yates uses Tickle Lipo combined with radiofrequency energy for the procedure. He can achieve breast reduction of one to three cup sizes and see the nipples rising to two inches as the skin shrinks down following the procedure. Other than a tiny ¼-inch incision, there is absolutely no scarring and recovery is not difficult.

Could I have the scarless breast reduction?

Not everyone is right for our scarless method. Good candidates must have a large proportion of fat in their breasts. Women with more glandular tissue will likely still need traditional mammoplasty.

These are characteristics of women who have more fat tissue than glandular tissue in their breasts:

  • Breasts are not pendulous (this is usually a sign of more glandular tissue)
  • Are not thin (in these cases breast tissue is again more glandular)
  • Don’t have excessively large breasts (scarless reduction achieves a 30 to 50% reduction in size)
  • The breast tissue is not overly dense
  • Are post-menopausal (fat replaces glandular tissue during menopause)

How is scarless breast reduction performed?

The patient is first given twilight sleep anesthesia. Dr. Yates then injects the breasts with a saline solution that also includes lidocaine (a local anesthetic to reduce pain) and epinephrine (adrenaline that constricts the blood vessels, minimizing bleeding and bruising). A ¼-inch incision is then made in the breast crease. Through that tiny incision, we insert a small cannula that breaks loose fatty tissue and then suctions it out. No sutures are needed for the tiny incisions. The entire procedure usually takes around one hour.

Through this minimally invasive method, we can achieve a 1- to 3-cup size reduction. Plus, after surgery, the skin shows a dramatic degree of shrinkage with the nipple/areola often rising 1-2 inches. Unlike traditional reduction surgery, this lift is determined by the patient’s skin elasticity, not through surgical skin removal.

What is recovery like?

In our scarless procedure, recovery involves little if any pain. There will be some bruising and swelling lasting anywhere from one to four weeks. There may also be temporary lumpiness for several weeks, but this is not visible and will resolve itself. Patients have no scarring other than the ¼-inch incision in each breast crease, but this is virtually invisible.

If you are tired of your large breasts and would like to make their size more manageable, call Dr. Yates at 563-275-4701 to schedule a consultation.

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