Breast Augmentation – A Davenport Patient Wants You To Know…

Diamond Medical Patient (Tara) Says It Was Worth It

Q: Tara – you’re a new mom – and – you recently had a cosmetic procedure performed.

Tara – That’s right – I had primary breast augmentation.

Q: How long had you been thinking about this?

Tara – Quite a few years. I wanted to have kids first. Dr. Yates was my doctor when I had my children. He wanted to make sure it was the right time.

Q: Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure – isn’t it?

Tara – It is. I was surprised, but – apparently – many women do it.

Mar14-1.2Q: How long did the process take?

Tara – Within weeks. I did a consultation and scheduled the procedure – two weeks later.

Q: Had you talked to other women?

Tara – Yes – I talked to women that have had breast augmentation – and – I have to say – my recovery was fantastic. It’s good to have access to others who have done the same thing.

Q: Were you awake the whole time?

Tara – Yes. Numbed, but awake.

Q: How long did it take you to get back to lifestyle?

Tara – About five days.

Q: How do you look?

Tara – Great… amazing. And, I’m 36 years-old. Dr. Yates is an amazing surgeon. He’s very personable and – really cares. One thing I was worried about – the nursing thing. You can get breast augmentation – and still nurse. I didn’t do it – but, you can.

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