Brazilian Butt Lift Transforms Problem Areas to a Va-va-voom Booty

Brazilian Butt LiftA Brazilian butt lift is a type of plastic surgery that takes fat from other problem areas and inserts it into the buttocks to create a fuller, more shapely buttocks. This allows patients to target two problem areas at once and get even closer to creating a more confident, happy self.

Step 1: Find a Source

Patients interested in undergoing the Brazilian butt lift surgery should first have a consultation with a licensed plastic surgeon. The surgeon will assess the patient’s body to determine

  1. If the buttocks would be benefitted by the procedure.
  2. If there is an adequate source of fat somewhere else in the body.

Sources of fat often include extra padding on the tummy, thighs or lower back. Buttocks that would benefit from the procedure have experienced sagging through aging or massive weigh loss (MWL). Other cases include patients seeking to correct congenital defect or deformity or transgender women seeking to get the curvy silhouette that has long been the trademark of the feminine form.

Step 2: Undergo the Procedure

There are actually several steps to the Brazilian butt lift surgery.

  1. The Brazilian butt lift surgery begins with liposuction of the source of fat to be injected into the buttocks.
  2. The doctor then takes this fat and purifies it. This is a vital step in ensuring the sterility of the surgery and the safe recovery of the patient.
  3. Once the fat has been purified, the doctor injects the fat into the buttocks, shaping the buttocks throughout the procedure.

The surgery often takes between 4–6 hours depending on the degree to which the patient would like Sir Mix-a-lot to be pleased with his or her butt.

Step 3: Recovery

After the surgery, the patient may be required to stay overnight. This is a common practice after surgery to make sure that patients will be able to recover safely on their own. After this overnight stay, patients can expect recovery to last 10–14 days. The patient should plan on having someone drive him or her home and assist him or her for the first several days. The patient should take prescribed pain killers, avoid asprin and alcohol, and increase water and fruit consumption. There may be some swelling or constipation, but with plenty of rest, the patient will be out flaunting a new J.Lo booty in no time.

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