Brazilian Butt Lift – Is Alive In Davenport

Yvonne Says “Yes” To Her “S” Shape

Q: Yvonne – You’re still getting a lift from a lift performed by Dr. Yates.

Yvonne – I had a Brazilian butt lift about 14 months ago.

Q: And, there’s a good reason why we waited for this interview. Is the lift still holding?

Yvonne – It looks as good today as it did 14 months ago.

Q: Tell us a little more?

Yvonne – I wanted more of a shape and Dr. Yates had the advantage of experience. He transferred material from my abdomen to the butt – adding the material – and also shaping.

May14-1.1Q: The so-called S-shape?

Yvonne – that’s right.

Q: You also had the benefit of a liposuction.

Yvonne – Yes – Dr. Yates removed a small amount from the area and took the rich stem cell fat and injected it right into the muscle (backside).

Q: And, did he use the Tickle Lipo?

Yvonne – Yes – so – that went quite well.

Q: How long did the procedure take?

Yvonne – Just over two hours.

Q: S- shape and sculpting is so important.

Yvonne – It’s important to know that you have a doctor who has this kind of experience. It’s not just about removing and inserting – it is about shaping: not just from the back, but – you have to look good from the sides.

Q: And, this is a Brazilian butt lift?

Yvonne – it is and I’m happy with the results. 14 months later and still going strong.

Q: There’s more about S-shape and the Brazilian butt lift on the video that follows. Yvonne – thanks for your time today.

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Here’s a great video on the Brazilian Butt Lift – easily shown and explained – and – what it can do. Dr. Yates perfected the technique of “S” shape and using your own stem-cell-rich abdominal and back fat.

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