Botox Rules the Cosmetic World

It seems that Botox has been around forever. After all, as a brand name, Botox is known the world over. Actually Botox Cosmetic was first approved by the FDA for aesthetic use only 14 years ago. Ever since it was first introduced to treat wrinkles mostly on the forehead and around the eyes, Botox has taken the aesthetic industry by storm. Year in and year out, Botox injections are far and away the most popular single cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical.

While everyone has heard of it, not everyone knows how Botox works. Here’s some information from your friends at Diamond Medical Spa & Vein.

How does Botox work?

botoxBotox is actually called a neuromodulator. It is derived from the botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxin. That sounds scary, but scientists discovered decades ago that the botulinum toxin, when injected into a muscle in very small amounts, is able to paralyze that muscle for a certain period of time. Botox isn’t new. It has been used for a few decades to stop involuntary eyelid spasms, some TMJ muscles issues, even migraine headaches. But when the FDA approved it for cosmetic use in 2002, that’s when Botox took off.

Why? Because it really works. Certain creases and wrinkles are caused by repeated muscle contractions when we perform day-to-day actions such as smiling or frowning. These are called dynamic wrinkles. Botox actually blocks the signals from the nerves to the muscle, so the injected muscle can’t contract. And when those muscles that create crow’s feet and forehead creases don’t contract, the wrinkles don’t form. And when they don’t form, the patient looks years, sometimes decades, younger. There lies Botox’s secret.

How long do its results last?

Botox results last until the body eventually absorbs the now-harmless neurotoxin, usually in about four to six months. At that point, the muscles in question will begin to contract again and the wrinkles will return. To maintain your results, another Botox session is needed.

What occurs following treatment with Botox?

Botox is often called a lunchtime procedure because a session takes just a few minutes. There’s no downtime, although there may be some slight swelling and redness at the injection sites. Patients also need to avoid rubbing the injected areas for 12 hours, as that can cause the Botox to migrate to unwanted spots. Results usually take from three to seven days to fully show themselves.

If you aren’t one of the millions of people who use Botox, maybe it’s time to call us at Diamond Medical Spa & Vein and try it out. 563-275-4701. All you have to lose is a few years.

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