Botox Is Still A Favorite At Diamond Medical

Although Lots Of Botox Users Move on to Tightening, Lifting and Lipo, Botox Comes Through Again And Again

Q: Amy – you’ve been doing Botox for quite some time. It’s a favorite – isn’t it?

Amy – That’s right – it’s fast and gets great results. Plus, it’s like a visit to Diamond Medical – where – there’s always a good conversation.

Q: You can get Botox in many places. Many folks try somebody else.

Amy – I didn’t. I was lucky to find Dr. Yates and it’s been a great experience.

Q: What’s it like – first?

Amy – I got an evaluation – Dr. Yates told me how I could benefit – and got it – the same day. It’s been great each time.

Q: What did it do for you?

Amy – Mainly my middle frown lines and lines on my forehead.

Q: What’s a treatment like?

Amy – Easy, breezy – a pinch – and just takes a few moments.

Q: How do those areas look?

Amy – Good! Both Angela and Dr. Yates handle me – and – they are really concerned about you. Great service. That’s why I love going there.

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