Bellafill Davenport, IA

Bellafill in Davenport, IA

Why “rent” your facial fillers when you can “own” it?! Bellafill is FDA approved to last over 5 years. There is no longer lasting product available in the United States.
Bellafill is only FDA approved for correction of moderate to severe Acne scarring, Nasolabial folds (frown lines around the mouth). Bovine collagen in Bellafill kick starts formation of a natural collagen matrix around the second ingredient, Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), to give the longest lasting structure and beauty to the skin.
Studies show 83% satisfaction of Bellafill after 5 years when all of the other fillers would have already been absorbed and 91% were likely to recommend Bellafill. Results start immediately. Off label enhancements are performed to provide a “Liquid Face Lift” that lasts many years. Of course, a person continues to age even after being injected with Bellafill but after 5 years if more Bellafill is desired it can be added to what is already there. In other words, previous Bellafill treatments can be built upon. Bring in your photo from 10 -15 years ago. Dr. Yates can replace the volume in the places where it was lost.
Bellafill injections require no downtime. Most people are amazed at how good they look and how little bruising there is due to the fact that no needles are used for injection! Make your appointment and experience the future of fillers for yourself. For a limited time, Bellafill is $150 off per syringe when you buy 2 syringes or $500 off a 5 syringe kit while supplies last.

Acne Scar Treatment (Before and After)





Nasolabial Fold Correction (Before and After)



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