Baggy Eyes Be Gone

He Got Rid Of His Baggy Eyes

Davenport’s Diamond Medical Was His Answer

Q: Scott – you came to Dr. Yates through a referral – and that, you had a unique problem: bags under your eyes.

Scott – That’s right – I’ve had them for some time. I’ve had three procedures to date – and with each – I’ve seen noticeable improvement.

Q: How far back does this go?

Scott – I’ve always had this issue – but, mine were so bad, I’ve been told or asked if I, “smoked pot.” Another instance, someone at Lens Crafters told me, “this rim matches the dark circles under your eyes.” Now, that was brutal.

Q: That’s amazing.

Scott – I didn’t even know Diamond Medical existed until a referral told me. It really worked out to my benefit.

Q: So, this had been going on for most of your adult life. Had you sought other professional input?

Scott – Yes, I went to a dermatologist, who suggested that, it was something like a “vascular” issue. So, nothing was done. When I went to Diamond Medical – both Angela and Dr. Yates said, they could care take of it. Imagine – a problem I’ve had most of my life – gone. That felt good.

Q: They took one look at you and said, “no problem.”

Scott – Dr. Yates is Wikipedia.

Q: And the procedure itself – uses the non-surgical Sci-Ton.

Scott – You’re in and out. There’s really nothing to it.

Q: If I were to look at you now – how would I describe you?

Scott – Fantastic – and I get compliments. I’m 50 and, as you can probably guess, look younger. The bags are gone. I can honestly tell you – I come to you with no baggage.

Q: What a fantastic story. Thanks for your time.

Get rid of your baggy eyes – whether excessive or otherwise. Diamond Medical can make a difference beginning today! Call Angela – or fill out contact form! No more baggage!

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