Baby Your Feet with Baby Foot

Baby Foot Everyone always takes care of their skin everywhere but their feet. Why is this? After all, especially during the summer, your feet are on display most every day. Because your feet have up to 80 layers of accumulated dead skin, things you’ve been using such as pumice stones and razors won’t penetrate all of those dead layers.

Baby Foot to the rescue.

At Diamond Medical Spa and Vein, we offer Baby Foot, an innovative foot care product that will make your feet smooth and soft like baby feet. Baby Foot uses 17 types of natural extracts to exfoliate your feet, leaving them moisturized and great looking. Get rid of your rough, cracked, peeling soles with Baby Foot.

How to use Baby Foot

Using Baby Foot is simple. Follow these four steps.

  1. Cut along the dotted line to make your Baby Foot plastic booties.
  2. Put them on your feet and wrap them closed with the supplied tape.
  3. Wear them for one hour.
  4. Take the booties off, discard them, and wash the gel away.

What will happen

Dead skin cells will start to peel between three and seven days after using Baby Foot. If your feet become dry, moisturize lightly. Peeling time varies from person to person, but the process can take up to two weeks to complete.

Call us at Diamond Medical Spa and Vein, 563-275-4701, and give your feet the love that is Baby Foot.

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