Aubrey Had Liposuction And A Brazilian Butt Lift Using That Material!

Using Your Own Material As A Filler – Aubrey Had Total Shaping

Q: Aubrey – Dr. Yates performed liposuction and a butt lift on you.

Aubrey – That’s right – the lipo came first, then material lifted from it was put into my butt.

Q: interesting – so you benefited from a lipo and the material from it, created a natural butt lift.

Aubrey – That’s right – so I have a new shape. It looks and feels good.

Q: Can you tell us your age?

Nov13-1.1Aubrey – I’m 25.

Q: It goes to show, that even young adults can benefit. How did this come about?

Aubrey – After I had my kids (C-Section) – a few years ago. But, I was always thinking about it. I never knew doing one, could benefit the other.

Q: So, this is your own material – taken from an area that was a little unsightly – and put into an area that could use it.

Aubrey – Yes – it’s my own.

Q: Now you’ve got your shape back.

Aubrey – Yes and it all looks great. I get lots of compliments – but – looking in the mirror each days is a new confidence.

Q: Stats show, 25 is on the lower side of these types of procedures. But, it does make sense if you want to do it.

Aubrey – It does. I was inspired by talking with women as old as 70 – who have had the same thing done with Dr. Yates. It just made sense to do both at the same time.

Q: Aubrey – thanks for your time today.

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