Aging Hands – Sun/Liver Spots Are Gone!

Patient Susan Loathed Her Hands – Kept Hiding Them

Q: Susan – you’d been living with those pesky age spots on your hands.

Susan – Yes, and they were just horrible. Hated them. I tried everything. It was so bad, I’d sit on them – to avoid being seen that way.

Q: How did you come to Diamond Medical?

Susan – A friend of mine told me about an open house. I met Angela, told her of my concern – and she assured me they had something to make it go away.

Q: What was the technology?

Mar14-1.1Susan – BBL light treatment. I loved that it was less evasive than a laser. I decided to have it done. Angela told me it would take 2 treatments – and – that to me – was unbelievable. Finally – I could get this behind me.

Q: And, you hid your hands in social events.

Susan – I didn’t like to go to eat with folks – and when I did so, I either sat on them, or, hid them under the table. I had this problem for several years and, they were getting worse. Bigger and – they were multiplying.

Q: These were big red spots?

Susan – Back in the day, they called them sun spots, liver spots – aging spots. They were not cancerous – so, it was a matter of finding something that could get rid of them.

Q: So, you go in for your BBL treatment.

Susan – Yes – and first time – most of it is gone. I couldn’t be happier. The worst spots are gone – and again, I will tell you – my hands were horrible.

Q: Great news!

Susan – I go back for my second treatment in a few weeks – but – I will tell you – the first one – more, more than satisfied me.

Q: BBL is an amazing technology for skin ailments.

Susan – It’s nice to hear something – that, turns out – was true. Angela really knows her stuff and – I can’t say enough about Dr. Yates.

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